Wise Investment Properties Ltd Privacy Policy

The purpose of our privacy policy is to make sure that all personal details we receive will be treated as private & confidential. It will never be passed on to a third party without your prior authorisation. We do not sell data for any purpose and adhere fully to the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).


Our privacy policy is a statement that discloses all the ways we gather, use, disclose, and manage our customer or client’s data. It fulfils a legal requirement to protect a customer or client’s privacy. Personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, not limited to the person’s name, address, date of birth, contact information, financial records and intentions to acquire our investments and/or any services.

It is a statement that provides you with details on how we store, and release personal information we obtain. Its purpose is to inform you what specific information we collect, and whether it is kept confidential, shared with partners, or sold to other firms or enterprises.

The content of our privacy policy considers applicable laws and addresses requirements across geographical boundaries and legal jurisdictions. Most countries have their own legislation and guidelines of who is covered, what information can be collected, and what it can be used for. In general, data protection laws in Europe cover the private sector as well as the public sector. Their privacy laws apply not only to government operations but also to private enterprises and commercial transactions.

Data Protection

Upholding confidential data information rights registration reference number A1015419.

ICO-Information Commissioners Office Membership number: ZA320912. Tel: 0303 123 1113 or +44 1625 545 700 outside of the UK. http://ico.org.uk

How we obtain/gather our information

We purchase data from data houses, lead provision services and marketing companies for the purpose of expanding our client base. We collate data from third party services and via our website or social media promotional activities. Our intention is to focus on persons carrying out investment activity or High Net Worth individuals.

What specific information do we collect?

Databases purchased may obtain more details other than name, telephone number and email address however we remove this unwanted information except for location if known. The intention is to verify the database and attach any necessary information provided relating to investment or future investment provision.

How do we use this information?

The data is used to establish and confirm that the person is in fact an investor or has intentions to invest in the future and/or has an interest in receiving investment information. Clients can opt in to be included in a quarterly newsletter and/or a regular newsletter to receive investment opportunities and can unsubscribe at any point in the future. The data is also used to send marketing material and for communication purposes as and when appropriate or necessary.

How do we disclose the information?

We do not disclose this information with anyone other than with the client themselves. On confirmation that we have indeed contacted the client whom we hold this data we inform them what information we have and why.

How do we manage our customer or client’s data?

As soon as we know that the data is incorrect, inappropriate or obsolete we delete it immediately. Should a client wish to be removed from our data list or newsletter list/s we delete all the data held on that customer/client as requested. The data is cleansed daily. Data is separated into categories and countries and the customer or client’s details are only stored once unless they subscribe to both newsletter options. However, should a customer purchase an investment or investments they will be held in that investment/s file unless we are asked specifically not to. On anniversary, end date or at point of sale it is removed or updated accordingly.

How do we store data?

The data is stored on one central computer during working hours and then held on a memory stick which is stored in a safe out of hours. Only one person has access to any database at any one time in order for the data to be updated and accurate. Copying the database is strictly prohibited and never necessary.

All form entry information will be stored on our website server within a database. You can request removal of this information by contacting adminmanager@wiseinvestmentproperties.co.uk

How do we release personal information we obtain?

If a client decides to invest and it is necessary to pass their details onto a third party, we always obtain their permission and introduce them to the third party beforehand. We would only provide them with necessary contact details including name, telephone number and email address.

How can we maintain client confidentiality?

All data and information provided is strictly confidential and held in one place. It is not shared with partners or associates. It will never be sold to other firms or enterprises and will remain the property of Wise Investment Properties Ltd solely.

How long do we keep the data provided?

As soon as we know that the data is incorrect, inappropriate or obsolete we delete it immediately. Otherwise it is held permanently whilst Wise Investment Properties Ltd continue to trade.

You can request that we remove your personal details anytime by emailing the administration manager at adminmanager@wiseinvestmentproperties.co.uk

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