We (Wise Investment Properties Ltd) offer investment opportunities predominantly in the UK to the UK residential investment market sector and believe we have a varied selection in some of the best property hotspots known. Prices vary considerably as do returns but right now should you be considering investing in the UK?

Britain has emerged as the number one destination in Europe for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). There has been a surge in flow to levels not witnessed since the financial crisis. UK FDI input reached $253.7bn about £197bn in 2016, up from £3bn in 2015 as reported by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The highest recorded since 2005. It’s also encouraging to note that the UK drove the bulk of the 17% increase in FDI inflows into the European Union.

Britain has therefore climbed above Ireland, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands to become the top destination for inward FDI across the whole of Europe and is second placed only to the US in the OECD select club of the 35 richest economies.

World Economic Leader

The UK is a world economic leader and a member of G8. The Group of Eight (G8) is a group made up of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia (suspended), the United Kingdom and the United States. The European Commission is also represented in the committee. Then UK is also a founder member of the United Nations (UN) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and is generally regarded as a safe and solid country in which to invest. The UK is the third most populated state in the European Union (EU) which is a strong indicator of high demand for all types of residential and commercial real estate.

The shortfall in available property with an estimated additional requirement between 2015 and 2020 of between 232,00 to 300,000 new homes per year a figure not produced since the early 1970’s creates its own drive in both sale prices and rental charges. This is good news for property savvy investors.

The distressed property market is an ideal avenue for investors to purchase keenly priced residential and commercial properties offering a genuine long term growth and a stable rental prospect. Unique reductions under special circumstances and slashed prices are plentiful in the re-sales and off-plan market sector. This allows investment at the lowest possible entry level.

With property prices continuing to escalate investors are turning their back on high priced locations and new property hotspots continue to emerge, the most recent being Birmingham. The ability to repay mortgages even in this unprecedented very low mortgage rate or get onto the property ladder seek to rent instead. Therefore, there is a ready-made market for buy-to let investors today. However, the UK government have imposed new rules and tax implications to stop landlord exploitation. Some high-volume landlords are breaking up their portfolio and known rental performing assets are being sold off at discounted prices to reduce their tax liability.

Tourist Market

The tourist market continues to create opportunities for investors with several international attractions being sought after locations for investment most notably London.

The UK property market on average has doubled in value every ten years and despite many recessions has continued to do so for decades. The concern of course is will this decade be the one that will break that trend with uncertainty over Brexit. Property prices continue to increase at a steadier somewhat lower rate and rental yields are very good as the demand to rent increases. The surge in foreign investment due to the current attractive exchange rates against sterling has helped fuel our economy even further. There is always a reason to invest but to know your return for several years ahead now makes more sense and Developers/Investment companies are offering that security.

We have opportunities in Birmingham, Blackpool, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Plymouth, Sheffield, Warwickshire and Woolacombe.