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Customer Testimonials:

I have been pleasantly surprised with Wise Investment Properties as they have continued to send me quarterly newsletters without sending other information that i have not requested. In todays society enlisting to things that involve giving your email address is like an open invitation to send you continual sales marketing material, certainly not in this case. After seeing an opportunity via a recent newsletter hyperlink we responded and had all the necessary information to act on. This is the first time we have invested with you and i am sure it won’t be the last.

Terence Hall E16

We had specific investment requirements and a genuine reason to invest so we completed a questionnaire on line with you six weeks ago. We received three options that were all exactly as requested although we never informed you that we had never invested before. We narrowed it down to one option and on your recommendation went to see the opportunity for ourselves. You introduced us to ………………….. from ………………….,………………….. and we both felt reassured instantly that we were about to make the correct decision. Our investment paid out the first years yield upfront and that has enabled us to announce our engagement earlier than planned. We can’t thank you enough for your support and swift action plan. This has been a revelation for us.

Toby and Alison Riley AB11

As a High Net Worth Individual we receive investment information all the time. We are sold to on each and every occasion and despite our seasoned years alarmed at how many people expect us to make a decision over the phone. Our initial conversation did not get off to a good start as we misjudged you and were caught off-guard as we told you afterwards that you sounded like someone we have had previous dealings with. You sent the detailed information as requested confirmed receipt and left us alone. We then received due diligence, an information memorandum, full Q& A’s and a sample contract. Investing £100,000 was not our initial intention but after you arranged on our behalf a telephone conversation with the investment company directly and then a visit to their offices we could not help but be impressed. No regrets and a recommendation enclosed. Thanks for the Skype call to make sure we had received everything we will be in touch on our return from the US.

David and Margaret Davidson Withington, Manchester

Hi Paul. Its Goldie and Francis from Southsea, Portsmouth we just wanted to say thanks for everything and all your help and more importantly your patients with us. We asked just about every question imaginable before making a decision to invest but as you know we have had our fingers burnt before and did not want to make the same mistake twice. We have just invested again in the same opportunity but a different term this time. After getting our income on three quarters now we were satisfied enough to take out another loan note with you and ……………………….. The updates and news we have subsequently received from you has certainly helped us feel more confident in our decision. Its good to know that you are on the end of the phone if we need you. We are both in customer services and yours are top drawer always prepared to help. Thanks again.

Lisa Gold & Francis Archer PO4


Customer Complaints Procedure:

We try to mitigate a complaint from the outset by reducing our exposure to risk. We do not offer advice on products or services and as agents provide relevant information that has been authorised by the said developer or investment company directly. We have a pop-up warning before entering the website and a notice that the products and/or Wise Investment Properties Limited are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, or the Financial Ombudsman Service. Wise Investment Properties Limited does not provide financial advice. We ask all customers to sign a disclaimer before investing in all products and services provided via ourselves. This by no means implies that you are not entitled to recourse as from time to time things could go wrong and should you feel the necessity to complain you are more than entitled to do so.

We would treat this matter in the strictest confidence and own the complaint until its resolution. You can escalate the complaint to the highest level by emailing the owner of the company directly otherwise we politely request that you follow the procedure below.

Allow us the chance to sort it out first.
Send an email to the administration manager marked Private & Confidential Complaint.
You will have an acknowledgement within 3 working days.

We will then respond to you again within 15 working days of the complaint with a formal written outcome of our investigation. On receipt we will request that you have accepted our solution and that it has been carried out to your total satisfaction.

The complaint maybe advisable however to take up with the developer or investment company directly and not ourselves the appointed agent but we will inform you if we believe this to be the case and provide you with their necessary details and on acceptance forward your complaint directly to them.

If you don’t accept the solution (as you are free to do anytime) you can contact the (AIPP) Association of International Property Professionals with regards to overseas investments and the (TPO) The Property Ombudsman Ltd with regards to UK investments.  There is a twelve-month timescale for referring complaints to either governing bodies. Full contact details below.

The AIPP provide free and impartial information to UK citizens about buying a foreign property. The AIPP does not sell property, but it is an association made up of property sellers & associated companies who voluntarily subscribe to the AIPP code of conduct. The AIPP does not underwrite the business activities of its members. AIPP does monitor and enforce its code of conduct and does, from time to time, take disciplinary proceedings against members that may lead to their sanction – but expulsion from the AIPP is the ultimate sanction we can impose. In common with other trade organisations, the AIPP does not underwrite for the benefit of members of the public any shortcomings or negligent acts by its members.

AIPP members are also subscribed to the independent and specialist The Property Ombudsman service. Members of the public can, at no cost to themselves, make a complaint about an AIPP member which, if upheld by The Property Ombudsman, could lead to an award of compensation being made to the complainant of up to £25,000 – such an award being payable by the AIPP member.

The Ombudsman’s resolutions are designed to achieve a full and final settlement of the dispute and all claims made by either party. The Ombudsman can, where appropriate, make compensatory awards in individual cases up to a maximum of £25,000 for actual and quantifiable loss and/or for aggravation, distress and/or inconvenience caused by the actions of an agent.

Please make note of the following addresses.

If we can be of any further assistance use our contact us box below.
Download copies of the Consumer Guides and Codes of Practice.

Association of International Property Professionals

Fourth Floor,
5-8 The Sanctuary,
Tel : +44 (0)20 7222 6172
Email: (industry)
Email: (consumer)

The Property Ombudsman

Milford House,
43-55 Milford Street
Complaints Enquiries Tel: 01722 333306
Email: (email must be signed)