Direct Marketing:


We understand the importance of a quality lead, as we also need appointments to keep our own business going. Often either the quality of the lead or the cost of obtaining that lead is the downfall of the continuation of profit and growth and ultimately the downfall of the campaign or project.

Unlike other companies we will only undertake the provision of leads if we believe in the product or service that you are offering. Unless you can convince us how in turn can we convince your potential customers?

We will work with you to achieve this if necessary. We work on an individual bespoke basis, which may require us to handle the whole campaign or just a part of it.

Providing various avenues to market not limited to but including advertising, telephone canvassing &/or door-to-door knocking. We can work to a time frame, a budget or a set number of results.

We can also provide you with feedback hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, bi annually or yearly. The initial data provision can come from yourself or we can obtain it on your behalf.

All our services are by way of a formal contractual agreement and mutual understanding that may not be results driven. Your service representation could be in your company name or our brand name. Data is treated with the uppermost respect and will have limitations to number of calls and time frame.

We are here to help, gain your respect and win further business orders. In doing this we will not undertake two services of similar interest or competitive issues. Find out what we can do for you today and see the results tomorrow.