Make the Wise decision and invest…

UK investors have historically invested in certain market sectors and in particular countries and our aim was to match that preferred choice with new and emerging investment markets both here in the UK and Overseas.

We offered low, medium and high spend, low, medium and high risk, short, medium and long-term investment opportunities predominantly in the UK to the UK residential investment market sector.

By profiling our customers from the outset we could then match their particular requirements with an investment opportunity that fitted their individual needs, therefore offering a solution based on factual information provided by both the customer and the developer/investment company.

As independent marketing agents capable of sourcing investments both in the UK and Worldwide we became very quickly known and used by multiple investment companies and investors alike.

As a customer you would have benefitted from this by having an intermediary dealing with multiple sales with leverage and negotiating skills acting on your behalf. We would then pass your details on to the investment company so that you could liaise with each other directly once permission was given to us.

Why use Wise Investment Properties…

We have a wide and diverse range of investments available and will always provide you with any information that you may require to enable you to fully appreciate the proposition presented to you and to enable you to make an informed decision. The investment/development company will deal with you directly if requested and can provide you with in depth knowledge and further details.

We want to grow with you and become your preferred choice of investment company. We can arrange to meet you to discuss your requirements and your long-term needs if requested and we can always arrange an inspection trip and escort you if asked to see both the developer/investment company and the investment opportunity if necessary.

Wise Investment Properties Ltd started on August 2nd 2013 with the intention of offering a large choice of property investments. The idea was to concentrate heavily on the UK market and known destinations that British investors invested in at the time.

Historically UK properties had doubled in value every ten years and the prospect for capital growth was further encouraging suggesting this trend would continue. The art is to buy in a low and sell in a high certainly not the other way around. From an economic point of view instead of peaks and troughs the growth should follow an upward trend and be more predictable but is that not a perfect world and unrealistic, possible but so far elusive. That however, would just be common sense and not require skill.

The property market place shifted towards rental unlike the European market which is predominantly to live in but as a Buy-to-Let second income or on a larger scale replacement income and Landlords quadrupled overnight jumping on the band wagon. Suddenly everyone saw this marketplace as an easy ride but did they consider negative equity with the ability to take out 100% mortgages and very little proof of earnings. Some fell foul.

The government have tried to discourage this practice by imposing more rules and regulations and keep this to the professionals but in doing so have created uncertainty and a reflective period whereby everyone needs to take stock, breath and plan accordingly.

Property has always been a sound investment coming from a council background myself owning property thanks to love her or hate her Margaret Thatcher with the right to buy scheme saw my parents effectively gain their retirement money overnight. You can’t beat ‘bricks and mortar’ my dad would say. Whatever happens in the future you always have something to sell and you never lose everything if you know what you are doing. That’s when RISK plays its hand and the reason for a deposit was required. You must consider “what if” as if’s can happen.

Buying a property is most people’s biggest investment but a Wise Investment is one that has been bought with your head ruling your heart not the other way around. It’s not a gut feeling it’s an educated decision. It remains a fact that over 90% of first time buyers buy within their own county. Somewhere where they know well therefore knowing the market even though that purchase is a heart decision in over 95% of purchases not a head decision.

Investors are a different species or successful investors are as they buy property with a mind set to gain profit not just from capital gain but from rental returns gaining a yield and know their NET profit before they purchase.

Wise Investment Properties never set out to provide for the Real Estate market but for the investment market. Professional investors that invest on a regular basis, some full time with the sole purpose of offering property investments or asset backed by property investments.

The market place was very narrow in 2013 with traditional UK investors investing in the UK. These properties were known as touchy feel investments. UK investors also invested in locations like France and Spain because of its proximity and Cyprus because of its broadly UK type of governing and legislation. The USA was another key location to be mindful of. Weather, lifestyle and change also had its part to play but profit was a core focus for investors. Ironically people buying to live in these countries followed suit seeing that gains both financial and lifestyle were available for those who took the plunge.

Alternative Investments started to enter the market place and were common by late 2014. A refreshing injection for investors to spread their portfolio (types of investments) out to other products entering the market such as Wind turbines and Solar. Once again the domestic market followed the trend and Solar appeared on residential households throughout the UK. People invested for their future and the reduction of their fuel bills that can only go one way, up, they always have.

We always intended to match investors requirements and offered these types of investments to meet demand, forever conscious of them not being asset backed (property) but offering other securities. We turn opportunities down all the time because of their securities or the concept is too fresh to judge and we are not trend setters but trend followers. We are dictated by our client’s requirements or desires.

We approach our market softly and our customers in the same vein. We wanted to be different never aggressive, never selling but providing an outlet for our client’s investment requirements. We initially ask if we can send them information first and foremost, then politely ask them to fill out our questionnaire to gauge what type of investor they are as not all investors are the same. Their needs vary, their risk adversity, requirements for return, term of investment, locations, a multiple of reasons and certainly budget but their quest for profit continues.

We know that professional investors are bombarded by investment companies all the time. Investors don’t need to look anymore; the market comes to them. Therefore, we want our investors to feel at ease never pressured. Investing is not about making jerk decisions it’s about understanding the opportunity totally and uncompromisingly. It’s a decision they can come to themselves and not be driven by us.

We send out mailing campaigns to acquire new subscribers but our rule is only one email per month per known email address as we want them to join us at some point not annoy them. We provide known investors that have requested regular updates new investment opportunities before they go live on our website as a form of reward. We send investors that have asked for specific investment information or locations as soon as we obtain it. We also send out a quarterly newsletter to those investors that have chosen to receive them to keep them well informed about investments and our activities. I hope you can see that we value our clientele and strive to improve all the time, listening to their needs, matching their requirements and providing a better service if possible.

Our customers are our lifeblood and we form a bond with them. We protect them somewhat from the developers/investment companies and act as a go between. We can negotiate on your behalf and add clout as we deliver multiple deals to them and have become an asset that they can ill afford to lose. We would equally pass you directly onto the developer/investment company yourself if this was your wish, you always have us to fall back on if you require assistance. We will help you every step of the way on your journey to successful investment. After all, if you are successful so are we.