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Offering a wide range of property investments & property asset backed investments with tried and tested companies in known areas of interest or emerging markets.

Investment Opportunities:

We will provide you with Brochures, Due Diligence, Frequently Asked Questions and an Information Memorandum along with all the necessary paperwork to enable you to make an informed decision.

Developer/Investment Companies:

As independent agents we encourage you to engage directly with the Developer/Investment Company when appropriate and can arrange an inspection visit if required.

Company Ethics:

We act openly, honourably, professionally and with integrity. Protecting our clients by eligibility and adhere to the Financial Services and Markets Acts 2004. We are GDPR compliant and respect our customers privacy at all times.

Investments available from 1 to 25 years’ term
with 2.5% to over 30% annual yields and £1,000 to multi £1,000,000 investment outlay.
“We think we have something for everyone”

Places of Interest

It is possible to obtain a portfolio of 4 investments
for less than £10,000 returning more than 6% annual yield.
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